Why did I move to India?

I get that question A LOT.

I know, India is not the first option when somebody wants to move to another country. Even though, here I am!

In my last post, I explained a little about me and that I moved to India. But why India?

Well, it all started when I realized I wasn’t so happy with how my life was going, so I decided that I wanted to work in another country. I did a lot of research and found few options. One of them was AIESEC. They are an NGO with lots of internships all around the world!! Sounds exciting, right? So I applied to their website.

I got a call from a local office of AIESEC, asking if I could go there to talk and to do an English conversational test. The conversation was very easy and light. After this meeting, I had to pay some fees and I was in their system! They have a job list with all the openings in all the countries and you can apply to as many as you want! When I did the meeting with the guys from AIESEC,  they told me that the countries that had more jobs available were India and China. When I heard that I thought: wow, that’s weird, considering that they are the two countries with the biggest population in the world!

When I saw that list I got really excited and wanted to apply everywhere! Most of the jobs they have are related to IT, but they also have all the other areas. I was studying business at that time and there was quite a good amount of job openings related to business. There were jobs in Greece, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Angola, Kenya, Portugal, Turkey, Egypt…

Once I started applying, India never crossed my mind. I applied for jobs in Australia, Germany, Europe, South America, Canada, New Zealand, but I never got a call back from any of those jobs. I was feeling a little down, so I decided to talk to some people at AIESEC and they told me that India was the one with more jobs and that a lot of people had gone and really liked it! Then, I decided to give a try. I saw one opening to be a trainer and travel all around India giving training in Leadership and Listening and Speaking in English to teachers in schools. I applied. Soon after, I got an email, that they wanted to do an interview with me! I did the interview and they told right away that I got the job!! OMG!!! I was so happy!!

The hardest part was telling my parents and family that I was coming to India. I guess everybody who is from a western country has this “bad image” of India. So, they were a little skeptical but they agreed in the end and gave me a lot of support.

After all of that, I spoke to one Brazilian girl who had just come back from India, also doing an internship through AIESEC. She only had nice things to say. She loved the country, the people, her job…

I was hooked! I did all the papers for my visa and bought my ticket! And then, on December 16th I took my flight and went to New Delhi, India!

And that is why I moved to India!

If you guys want to know more about it, leave a comment!








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  • Santa

    Hola!! I want to read more about why STILL in India?!?! How has it changed your life and your personality?!

    • Andreza

      Hola Santa!! Thanks for coming to my blog!!
      I will definitely write more about that too!
      Keep posted! Beijos

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