India – What should I take in my luggage?

There is a lot of things that you have to put in your luggage, especially when you will be living in that place for a year. (I thought it was only for a year…) And, obviously, it’s also really important to think about where you are going. Before going to India I had a lot of doubts about what to pack and what not.

As I’ve said in my previous post, I had a lot of misconceptions about India. And that clearly reflected on my luggage! Hahaha

So, when I started thinking about to pack, lots of things came to mind, such as:

Do they have toilet paper in India?

Do they have pads?

I also thought that India was very hot all the time, so I could take only summer or spring clothes. No winter clothes, for sure!! One more thing on my mind was that India was a very spiritualized place (which it is) and, because of that there wouldn’t be any parties and people would wear only clothes that cover the body. Oh boy, how wrong was I.

For the questions about toilet paper and pads, I luckily had a friend already living here and she told me that I could find everything here. Unlucky for me, I didn’t ask her about parties and clothes.

So, I packed all the wrong things! I took pads, even though my friend assured me I could find them here. The clothes I packed were my oldest clothes because I thought that here I would never wear a nice dress, nice blouse… I also didn’t pack any winter clothes, and since I arrived in December, it was winter and it was really cold. Here in Delhi, in December and January, the temperatures can vary from 0° to 20°. During the day it is very pleasant, but at night it can get really cold.

I also found out that Delhi has many places to go out, to dance, nightclubs, restaurants, a very active nightlife,(This can be for another post) for which I didn’t have clothes to wear! Haha

So, my tips for you guys planning a visit to India are:

  • Check the city where you are going. North of India can be very cold during winters, even with snow in some places. South India is very humid and has more a tropical weather. If you’re coming to Delhi, during summers (May to August) bring very light clothes, made of cotton. It is very hot at that time. If you’re coming on winters, bring jackets, one warm coat for the night and you will be fine.
  • One very important thing, if you’re coming to live here is to think about foods that you can’t live without and try to find out if they are available here! I know, that sounds silly if you’re coming as a tourist, but if you will live, trust me, you will miss them. And don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Indian food and even spicy food! But every now and then, I miss my Brazilian food! What I always bring, as a Brazilian is coffee. I just can’t live without it, and I don’t like the one they have it here.

In Delhi, you can find almost everything that you want and need, so don’t worry about it too much. Just bring your favorite clothes, lots of energy, lots of positive vibes and excitement!! And of course, be very open to new experiences!

One thing I always say when I’m traveling and I think that maybe I forgot something is that you can forget anything, except your passport, your phone/camera, and your money!!

Hope this helped!!

Beijos (kisses)




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